Avoid the Domain Registry of America Scam

If you have your own domain (e.g. yoursite.com), you’ve probably received a letter or email from Domain Registry of America. These letters warn you that your domain is going to expire and urge you to renew with Domain Registry of America immediately. Every week we get of emails from people who want to know whether to send money to this company they’ve never heard of.

Here’s the short answer: Don’t ever send any money to Domain Registry of America.

Domain Registry of America convinces domain owners to send them money by appearing to be an authority. Their letters are well-written, look like official documents, and include pertinent information like the domain’s expiration date. Information about domains (and their expiration dates, etc.) are available publicly on whois.net—Domain Registry of America simply looks up information, sends out their letters, and collects cash from innocent people.

Lawsuits against Domain Registry of America have been unsuccessful because the company is actually an accredited registrar. That means if you send Domain Registry of America money they will in fact register the domain in your name and handle renewing it for you. On the other hand, they will charge you outrageous prices (anywhere from 5 to 10 times as much as the actual cost of the domain) and attempt to sell you additional, unnecessary services like “Domain Protection.”

Domain Registry of America uses extremely unethical business practices—such as telling you that you’ll lose your ranking in Google unless you renew with them—in order to try and scare people into sending them money.

If you receive a letter or email from Domain Registry of America, simply ignore it. Or have some fun with it—we like shredding and igniting their letters, and sometimes we even fold them into paper swans.

Your domain is safe with the company that registered it, whether that’s Jimdo or another reputable company.

If you ever have any questions about a domain you registered with Jimdo, get in touch with our Support Team and we’ll be glad to help.


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  1. Thanks. This information is very important.

  2. We have loved the ease of use and beauty of customer service from Jimdo for years. But with their recent unwillingness to work with google for us, we view them with suspicion. Google has website providers who routinely work with website hosters for getting the clients good email addresses. Jimdo instead of working with google attacked us, and that is unacceptable. We are hugely disappointed in Jimdo and will be working on moving our website to another host provider asap. The ease of use of an email is critical to a business; Jimdo seems to have something to hide from google given all the work they went into trying to attack us for doing so. Wow, we are hugely sad at jimdo. If they think google is a competitor, they are not. If they want to battle google, they may as well battle the universe. We as a business who uses google’s tools can’t have a provider who battles google. Can anyone truthfully?
    BTW, google gave us two phone numbers for jimdo to call them so google could help them with the process and coding. Instead jimdo turned on us as a client, ignored us/pretended to escalate during a chat but hung up on us, and had a senior manager email us his disapproval when we became mad. All we wanted was help to get a good google email. Instead our web host provider jimdo ignored us, hung up on us, attacked us. Not the best choice if you are a start up. We’ll ask google who to go to now, someone who at least can work with them. Do not use jimdo if you have to battle with them to do something simple google wants to help you. what JERKS


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