Making Your First Sale: Managing Orders and Inventory

After taking the time to set up your Jimdo store exactly how you want it, you’ll anxiously await making your first sale. inventory_featureOnce you get an email notifying you that someone has made a purchase in your store, all of your hard work will have finally paid off. But first you need to learn how to process orders and manage your inventory. That’s what we’ll teach you in today’s screencast.

Follow along with the short screencast below to learn how to process pending orders, look at orders in your archive, and manage your store’s inventory using Jimdo’s built-in tools.

If you have any questions about creating an online store in Jimdo, get in touch with us in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter. We love seeing all of the different products and services that the Jimdo community sells, and we want to help you create a successful online store as well.

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Dan Gray

Social Media and Content Strategy at Jimdo
Dan joined Jimdo in October 2012 after returning from a year of teaching English in Dresden, Germany. He can't grow a beard, but he loves strategic board games, Victorian novels, and strumming the seven chords that he knows on guitar.
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