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Happy International Women’s Day!

We want to thank our Jimdo women, as well as women everywhere. You are an inspiration to people all over the globe. Some of our JimGals decided to share their own advice. Come share your own.

Jimdo Turns 7

Today is Jimdo’s 7th birthday! Our teams have been celebrating all over the world in our various offices: Hamburg, Shanghai, Tokyo, and San Francisco. Come read all about it.

Let Us Help You: Our New Blog

Help us to shape the new Jimdo blog! Is there any information we can share to help you conquer your goals? What is holding you back? How can we help? What are you looking for?

Blogging with Jimdo for iOS

Since we released our iOS app a few months ago, the most requested feature has been blogging. With today’s update to Jimdo, it’s now possible to create, edit, and publish blog posts on your Jimdo website from your iOS device.

Shape Your Customer Experience

We want to help you improve the customer experience in your online store, so we’ve updated our Discount Code feature and added a custom Order Confirmation Page.

How to Make an Online Store with Jimdo

Ecommerce has opened up the possibility for small businesses and freelancers to sell their products and services to customers that never could have found them in the pre-internet era.

One Week Later

Our new iOS app now has more than 50,000 downloads since it was released last week, and worldwide it has a 4.5 star rating. We’re featured in App Stores around the world and couldn’t be happier with the response.

Thank You

Thousands of people downloaded Jimdo for iOS on release day, and we’re incredibly thankful for the great response you all have given us. We can’t wait to continue to make Jimdo better for you every day.

Jimdo for iOS

Jimdo is the easiest way to build a website, and now it’s possible to build a website on an iPhone or iPad. Create a new site or edit an existing site by adding photos and texts on the go.

Jimdo Goes HTML5

All Jimdo websites are now written in HTML5. This change paves the way for huge improvements as we look to completely revamp our website building tools.

JimdoFree Just Got Free-er

We made the advertisement on JimdoFree websites way smaller to make room for your content. Start a free website today and share your story without our ads getting in the way.

Improved XML Sitemap

We love seeing Jimdo websites in Google search results. With today’s release, we’ve added an XML sitemap, which is a critical part of optimizing your website for search engines.

Background Videos

We recently made it easier than ever to make a beautiful website with a full-screen custom background image, and now it’s possible to use a video background as well.

Mobile Express Page

Use the Mobile Express Page to give people quick information about your business. This new feature highlights Jimdo’s focus on the mobile web, which accounts for more and more website traffic each year.

Discount Codes

It’s now possible to create discount codes in your online store created with Jimdo. Use discount codes to encourage new customers and reward loyal customers.

Awesome Backgrounds

Earlier today we released a new feature that brings backgrounds to the forefront. Use Jimdo’s Awesome Background feature to create stunning websites with full-screen background images.

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