The Cost of Building a Website in 2014

At Jimdo, our mission is to help people share their passions and businesses with the world. Thanks to increased internet access and declining costs for software, it’s now possible for nearly anyone to build a website. Over at Entrepreneur, I wrote a post talking about what costs are involved in building a DIY, professional, or enterprise website in 2014.

Thanks to developments in technology, the vast majority of us don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a website.

There are solutions even a tech neophyte can use to build a website easily and at an affordable price — all without touching a single line of code. Let’s take a quick look at the different components that make up a website and the services available to create one.

Read the rest on Entrepreneur.

The cost of building a website

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    • Glad to hear it Atul :). Thanks for reading.

  1. No matter what I spent money on, I always found a way to get it for less. Same thing with websites.

    • Shopping around for the best deal is always a sound move. Thanks for checking out the infographic!

  2. Hi there! Interesting topic. I think that users should explore these options and take into account the pros and cons of each one. People who try the “Do It Yourself” option should be aware of the opportunity cost of design, build and maintain the site themselves and not to use that time in more “valuable” activities for their business. I speak as a user of Jimdo for myself and a designer for my clients. :).

    • Thanks Pablo. That is an excellent point. The right solution for any given person has a lot to do with their budget in terms of both money and time.

      There are times when the right solution is a combination where someone else builds your site for you, but uses a do-it-yourself solution allowing you to update it yourself afterwards. We know of a lot of small designers and agencies who use this model.

  3. Hello

    How much money and time do you think it will cost to transfer to a template of your design?

    Thank you

    • Hello Betardes! We don’t actually build out the websites for our customers as we are a do-it-yourself website builder, but we do have a number of Jimdo Experts who could help you with this:


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