While Jimdo can’t do the splits, figure skate, or rock climb—it is a website builder, after all—it is one of the most flexible systems that you can use to build your website.

Whether you’re a musician or a lawyer, Jimdo will meet your design needs without breaking a sweat. Our templates can be used for any project that you’re working on—they are ready to be shaped to fit your needs, not the other way around. Below are a few examples of awesome people using Jimdo to share their passions online with the world.

Tell us your story about how you use your website to spread the word about your artwork, hobby, or business. Send us a link to your website on Twitter or Facebook.

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Musicians: Josephine Grech

Josephine Grech is a talented musician from Australia with a melodious soprano voice. I enjoyed seeing how she was able to create a very clean website while maintaining a uniform feel by using similar colors throughout the website.

Josephine Grech Musician

Just as Josephine was able to make her website with Jimdo, you can put yourself in the limelight by getting your own space on the internet.

Artists: Yuki Yamagata

Yuki Yamagata is an artist and a friend of the Jimdo Team in the US. She uses Jimdo to share her illustrations with the world.

Yuki Yamagata Illustrator

If you’re looking to bring some of your own illustrations to the web, Jimdo will welcome you with open arms. Try using our lightbox feature in our Photo element to expand your illustrations and show off every wonderful detail.

Restaurants: Stormy’s Tavern and Grille

Stormy’s Tavern and Grille is the local hot spot in Northfield, Illinois. If you ever find yourself out there—I haven’t gotten a chance yet—please try Stormy’s Angus Burger and let me know what you think.

Stormys Tavern and Grille

Jimdo is a perfect solution for restaurant websites—it’s so easy to use, you won’t have to spend too much time away from the kitchen. Plus, if you want to edit your website on the job, you can use Jimdo on an iOS device.

Wineries: Time Estate Winery

Time Estate Winery uses its website to show off its latest wines and discuss its history. Using a custom layout, they are able to get exactly the look they want while still using Jimdo’s simple tools to keep their website up to date.

Time Estate Winery

While Jimdo offers dozens of templates, you can also build a template that fits your own style.

Designers: Fancy Features

Fancy Features is a design company that specializes in custom gifts and wedding stationery. Their website is filled with tons of photos of their interesting products—my favorite is the custom coloring mural, which is like a coloring book but bigger and better.

Fancy Features Designer

What will you share?

A website is the best place to share your passion with the whole world. Anyone—designers, tradespeople, creatives, lawyers, doctors, photographers, artists, writers, etc.—can benefit by putting their work online and growing their audience.

What do you want to share? Let us know in the comments how your website helps you spread the word about your work—we love to hear your stories.


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