Where to Get Beautiful Images for Your Website

Great images are an essential part of a beautiful website. Adding several stunning images to your website can transform it into an exciting, memorable experience for your visitors and customers. When putting images on your site, there’s a lot to keep in mind, like placement, dimensions, and file size. But before you need to think about any of those questions, you need to know where to find high-quality images.

Beautiful tree

Where to find high-quality images

There are a number of different websites that offer free, high-quality images that can used commercially without any royalties. Three of our favorites are Pixabay, Fotolia, and Unsplash.


Pixabay LogoPixabay is an excellent community of photographers who are dedicated to sharing high-quality, license-free images. By registering for a free Pixabay account, you’ll get complete access to a huge library of incredible images in a variety of styles and sizes. We recommend that you check out the Editor’s Choice, section, which is frequently updated and contains tons of fantastic photographs, like the one above.


Fotolia LogoFotolia runs one of the largest stock photo repositories in the world. On their website, you can purchase great images at affordable prices. We partnered with Fotolia to get you five free photos and 30% off your first order. You’ll find a huge array of photos on Fotolia—landscapes, people, architecture, food, sports, and more.


Unsplash is a unique stock photo blog that posts 10 new photos every 10 days. The photos are submitted by a range of photographers with a wide variety of interests. There’s no easy way to search for a specific image, but you could spend days scrolling back through their archives and looking at thousands of mesmerizing images.

Be sure to visit our Support Center for more high-quality image resources.


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  1. The list is pretty short, you should also include agencies such as Depositphotos or Yayimages.com. Yay images for example offers a neat service which streams the photos.

    • Hello Andreas! Thank you for reading. This article was just to focus on a few that we are currently using. Thanks for sharing some of your favorites. We’ll probably be revisiting this topic again and will consider adding them to the next one. We also want to show how you can find images using some of the newer options of Google images which allow you to filter for licensing as well as other options.

    • Thanks Bob! Public domain photos like the ones on that site are such a great thing and help you avoid all the legal questions!

    • Hi Cris – thanks for sharing your site. Are the images licensed for commercial use? It looks like everything requires an attribution – correct?

  2. I’m looking for an image for all my pages for my typing service. Please help.

    • Hi Cynthia. We’d suggest checking the websites we referenced above: Pixabay, Fotolia, and Unsplash. They’ll most likely have something that you could use.

  3. I like Pixabay and Fotolia, … great and useful recommendations, but …

    seriously, Unsplash? I mean, sure, they do have wonderful images, HOWEVER: they have about 330 photos currently and it took me about two minutes to seen them all in their archive. That’s not really useful … why do you recommend it here? Just wondering.

    • Hi Nasmon! Thanks for reading and commenting. :)

      We recommended it, because we think it’s the fastest way to get free, licensable, high-resolution images. There’s no fees or accounts needed! And, for the most part, the images are creative, professional, and useful as backgrounds, headers, or in-page areas of a website. We definitely think that’s worthy of a recommendation. Do you have others that you’d suggest?

  4. thank you so much! this helped to get exactly what i needed!!

    • Thanks Brian! Glad to hear that.

  5. I am loving Jimdo & all the free photo stock places! Thanks so much.

  6. Unsplash is awesome btw!


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